Romantic Dating Idea - TO KNOW YOU...... BETTER (PPG3002TKYB)
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& Romantic Dating Ideas
To Know You ... Better is a game of delightful conversation, often funny, always entertaining. The Game
provides an opportunity for a couple to share in a positive way, their preferences, experiences,
accomplishments and wishes and, as they enjoy the Game, discover more about each other.
Who Can Play? Any couple, any or married. To Know You Better is ideal for any gift-giving
occasion . . . Christmas, Valentine's, weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, birthdays or when two people
want to spend a delightful time together.
Humorous and entertaining, the Game is designed so that positive and enjoyable subjects are discussed.
The Game does not involve any physical intimacy, and the cards are carefully written to avoid discussions
that might be embarrassing or uncomfortable.

Price : US$25.95