Romantic Dating Idea - An Enchanting Evening (PPG2001AEE)
Sexy Thongs, Exotic Lingerie
& Romantic Dating Ideas
Wishes do come true. Unlike racier games, this
secret wish game is a gentle way for couples to
connect. Some cards ask for positive, supportive
verbal responses, other cards suggest gentle
touching. A tasteful, fun game!
Who Can Play? Any couple, any age. It makes a
thoughtful, tasteful gift for weddings, anniversaries,
birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's, vacations, or
"just because".
How is An Enchanting Evening Played? An
Enchanting Evening begins by each player writing
down a "secret wish" that can be shared with
his/her partner that evening. The players then
move leisurely around the board, drawing the
appropriate cards. The game cards direct the
players' actions. Some cards ask for verbal
responses, which are positive and supportive.
Other cards suggest gentle touching, some playful,
others subtle and ambiguous.

Price : US$25.95