Romantic Dating Idea - CONSENTING ADULTS Game (PPG1942)
Sexy Thongs, Exotic Lingerie
& Romantic Dating Ideas
Is it Yes or No? How far will you go? The Game of sensual teasing and sinful temptation, where friends and
lovers win their wish by losing their inhibitions. From light-hearted to heart-pounding, this card game of
sensual teasing and sinful temptation encourages you and your lover to explore the intimate and sexual side
of your relationship.
Through suggestive questions and questionable suggestions, each Consenting Adult card encourages you
and your lover to expand the boundaries of your intimate relationship by losing your inhibitions. At the same
time, each of you maintains constant control over the level of intimacy by either consenting or not
consenting to every 'Kiss', 'Tell', 'Show', or 'Touch' action in the Consenting Adults cards.
You can play it as safe as a chastity belt or as wild as you can imagine. The game play varies with the
expectations and willingness of the players themselves. Each time you play you experience new and exciting
levels of intimacy.
The game includes: 200 Activity Cards with more than 500 unique suggestions and easy instructions.
Created for a couple to play together...the game can expand to include more friends...if you care to
experience...what's possible with Consenting Adults.

Price : US$25.95